Hello, 2BizBox ERP 5.18

Pay our respects to thousands of manufacturing companies! I hope that you will be with us on the way to grow up

Manufacturing ERP Solution

A powerful manufacturing country needs strong information management mean. As a high-quality and low-cost ERP solution, 2BizBox ERP is an excellent choice for manufacturing companies .

Since 1990, 2BizBox ERP has successfully helped more than 5,000 companies implemented. As a full-featured ERP, it provides more than 90 functional modules in design, production, invoicing, quality, finance, supply chain, production execution, etc. It is very suitable for production enterprises with an annual output value of less than 1 billion.

Seva Software adheres to the concept of Software as a Service . Through the creation of revenue with value-added software services, we have gained the good reputation of the most enterprises.

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